ATV/MC Dirt Drags

ATV/MC Dirt Drags ATV/MC Dirt Drags

ATV/Motorcycle Dirt Drags Race Saturday Night

  • Admission $10 per person
  • (camping/fishing included)

Practice at 5 p.m. / Racing 6 p.m.

*Two Staging Lanes will be used in order to keep the show moving while waiting on bikes that may over heat due to back to back racing.

Download or print the Registration Form by clicking one of the buttons below.

Rules (Not All Inclusive List):

  • No Stud Tires
  • Red Light is a loose (timing system determining factor; only a track official can over rule)
  • All minors must have parent or legal guardian to sign for them to participate
  • Helmets required
  • Track Officials decision is final
  • Racing numbers must be visible from front and left side to ensure accurate scoring; numbers are provided at sign up

All Rules will be clarified at the riders meeting before racing It is recommended that all racers with spoked wheels close them off on the front tire with card board and/or tape

Classes are as follows (this is racing order):

Staging Lane A

  • #1 Open No Nitrous
  • #2 Quad 4-Stroke 0-500cc*
  • #3 Quad 4-Stroke Open
  • #4 Quad 2-Stroke Open
  • #5 Quad 4-Stroke 0-800cc
  • #6 Street Tire Bike
  • #7 Open Outlaw $ (100%)**

Staging Lanes B

  • #1 Pee-Wee Bikes 0-50cc
  • #2 Pee-Wee Quads 0-79cc*
  • #3 Open Bikes
  • #4 Junior Bikes 51-123cc
  • #5 Junior Quads 80-185cc
  • #6 Small Buggies 1915 and down
  • #7 Big Buggies 1916 and up
  • #8 Stock Quads (Must have air breather lid)
  • #9 Bikes 0-500cc
  • *Classes #2,5 - Quad Engines Only, Stock Frames, No Nitrous
  • **Staging Lane A #7 is Single Elimination