ATV/MC Dirt Drags

ATV/MC Dirt Drags ATV/MC Dirt Drags

  • Admission $15 per person
  • Practice at 4 p.m. / Racing 5 p.m.

Two Staging Lanes will be used in order to keep the show moving.

Download or print the Registration Form by clicking one of the buttons below.


Below is a list of rules, this list is not an all-inclusive list but important to know before arriving to race at Dirt Country, see entry form for more details on specifications, payouts, and elimination rounds. All rules will be reviewed/clarified at the riders meeting before racing.

  • No Stud Tires
  • Red Light will be counted as a loss even when double, both participants will receive a loss (timing system determining factor; only a track official can overrule)
  • All minors must have parent or legal guardian to sign for them to participate
  • Helmets required
  • Track Officials decision is final

Racing numbers must be visible from front and left side to ensure accurate scoring; numbers are provided at sign up All racers with spoked wheels are advised to close them off on the front tire with card board and/or tape.

Classes are as follows (this is racing order):

Staging Lane A

  1. Open No Nitrous*
  2. Quad 4-Stroke 0-500cc *
  3. Open Bikes $ (100%)
  4. Quad 4-Stroke Open **
  5. Quad 2-Stroke Open **
  6. Turbo SxS
  7. Quad 4-Stroke 0-800cc *
  8. Street Tire Bike
  9. Open Outlaw $ (100% +30% from Classes 1, 4, 5) **
  • * Classes #2,7 - Quad Engines Only, Stock Frames, No Nitrous
  • ** Classes #1, 4, 5, 9 Single Elimination (All other classes double elimination, time permitting)

Staging Lanes B

  1. Pee-Wee Bikes 0-50cc
  2. Pee-Wee Quads 0-79cc
  3. Youth SxS 170
  4. Junior Bikes 51-125cc
  5. Junior Quads 80-250cc
  6. Non Turbo SxS
  7. Small Buggies 1915 and down
  8. Big Buggies 1916 and up
  9. Stock Quads (Must have air breather lid)
  10. Bikes 0-500cc

Must be 14 years old or under to race Pee-Wee, Youth, and/or Junior Classes